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School Closure 1-18-2022

January 18, 2022

Parents, Guardians and Staff

Unfortunately the pause that we had for school last week has not seemed to do the trick.  We had 135 students out on Monday and over 100 students out today.  Of the 105 students we had out today, 43 will be required to be out for either Quarantine or with Covid until the 24th.   There are several cases of Strep throat and a lingering bad case of the stomach flu.  We also have 13 staff members who are out until Friday.   With this being the case, we can no longer effectively have school.  We will be closing the school beginning on Wednesday, January 19th through Friday, January 21st.  We will return to school on Monday January 24th.  This will allow us to have the 43 students currently out return, and hopefully our students and staff with the flu and strep throat will have time to recover.

I do want to let you know that this closing will require us to extend the school day by 10 minutes beginning on Monday January 24th.  The first bell will ring at 7:50 and the students will be tardy at 7:55.  We will also extend the school day by 5 minutes, so we will be releasing at 3:35.  This change in conjunction with making one of our remaining staff development days an attendance day, will allow us to not extend the school year.  If we are to have any additional closures, we would have to explore extending the school year or shortening spring break.

Please know that closing the school is a difficult decision and one we don’t make lightly.  We are getting you this information as soon as we can today so that you can make arrangements.  Again, this closure will allow us to provide a deep cleaning for the school and allow staff and students who are currently quarantined to recover.

If you or any member of the RISD community does begin to feel ill or are experiencing COVID symptoms, we encourage you to contact your physician.  If you or your students receive a lab confirmed test, please notify your grade level administrator.  We will have a testing site for students on Saturday from 2 to 4 in the nurse’s office.  We are strongly encouraging students to wear masks when they return.


Kevin Shipley

Spanish Translation

Spanish Translation of documents are available on request per board policy


Ranger ISD will be providing information to private nonprofit schools within school district’s boundaries that would like to learn about participating in Title I, Part A services. Title I, Part A is a federal program intended to assist schools in meeting the academic needs of struggling students.

The meeting will be held at 10:00AM in the Ranger ISD Board Room located at 1842 Loop 254 East, Ranger, TX, 76470 on June 7, 2021.

Please contact Kevin Shipley, Superintendent at 254-647-1187 for additional information.