OUR VISION: What we are working to become.

Our district will be a vibrant high-performing institution focused on student achievement and learning.

OUR MISSION: Why we are here.

The mission of Ranger ISD is to provide experiences, and teach skills and values, which empower all of our students to achieve their full potential now and in the future.

OUR CORE VALUES: The shared beliefs which will guide all of us in our actions and decisions.

DEDICATION: We shall not allow adult convenience or preference to take priority over the academic progress of our students.

CARING: We are a place where all students and employees are appreciated and have the support they need to achieve their highest potential. Mutual respect and trust is fostered, and opportunities to serve others are pursued.

COLLABORATION: Input is sought out and valued from all stakeholders. Teamwork is the order of the day.

COMMUNICATION: Communication is clear and timely and an exchange of ideas and honest opinion is nurtured. Successes are shared and celebrated.

COMMUNITY: Ranger ISD is a family. Cohesion, passion, commitment, and interaction are demonstrated by everyone.

INNOVATION: We understand that to be successful going forward that we will need to harness our collective creativity. We will seek out new ideas, problem solve, and explore with a focus on purposeful change.

EXCELLENCE: We will set high achievable expectations for ourselves and others because we believe in the incredible potential of each child and adult.

PRODUCTIVITY: We will work hard, persevere through challenges, and be dedicated to improvement every single day.

Student Outcome Goals

Student Outcome Goals – Goal Progress Measures

  1. The District Performance on the Student Achievement Domain (1) will increase from 68 to 80, the School Progress Domain (2) scale score will increase from 70 to 80, and the Closing the Gaps Domain (3) scale score will increase from 47 to 70 by August 31, 2021.

GPM 1.1: Percentage of students who achieve approaches/meets/masters standards scores on STAAR performance will increase component score in all tested subjects from 34 to 45 by August 31, 2021. Domain 1

GPM 1.1 Annual Targets: SY18/19 =38 SY19/20 = 42, SY20/21 = 45

GPM 1.2: Percentage of economically disadvantaged and hispanic students performing at the weighted performance rate will increase from 58% to 69% by August 31, 2021. Domain 2A

GPM 1.2 Annual Targets: SY18/19 = 63%, SY19/20 = 66%, SY20/21 = 69%

GPM 1.3: Percentage of total students who achieve STAAR meets standards level in Math & Reading will increase from 34% to 47% by August 31, 2021. Domain 3

GPM 1.3 Annual Targets: SY18/19 = 39%, SY19/20 = 43%, SY20/21 = 47%

  1. Percentage of graduates who have earned any one of the following: college credit qualifying score on the SAT, ACT, TSI, earned college credit through dual credit classes, received an industry certification, or other CCMR college readiness marker will increase from 39% to 57% by August 31, 2021. Domain 1 & 3

Goal 2 Annual Targets: SY18/19 = 47%, SY19/20 = 52%, SY20/21 = 57%

GPM 2.1: Increase the percentage of students enrolled in 2 or more dual credit courses prior to graduation from 30% to 40% by August 31, 2021. Domain 1 & 3

GPM 2.1 Annual Targets: SY18/19 = 30%, SY19/20 = 35%, SY20/21 = 40%

GPM 2.2: Increase the percentage of students receiving industry certification from 3 to 15 by August 31, 2021.

GPM 2.2 Annual Targets: SY18/19=7%, SY19/20 = 11%, SY20/21 = 15%

GPM 2.3: Increase the percentage of students meeting SAT, ACT or TSI criteria from 13 to 19 by August 31, 2020. Domain 1 & 3

GPM 2.3 Annual Targets: SY18/19 = 16%, SY19/20 = 19%

  1. Percentage of students reading on or above grade level will increase from 43% to 70% by August 31, 2021.

GPM 3.1: Increase the percentage of students reading on or above grade level (PK-8) from 43% to 70% by August 31, 2021.

GPM 3.1 Annual Targets: SY18/19 = 52%, SY19/20 = 61%, SY20/21 = 70%

Superintendent Constraints

The Superintendent shall not allow the District performance in School Progress (Domain 3) to decrease below the current level of 70.

Board Constraints

The Board shall not spend less than 50% of open meeting time on student outcomes and board growth at a majority of the meetings.

BCPM - Review and evaluate previous meeting’s Board Time Use Tracking Document (Each Meeting)

Board members shall not come to the meetings unprepared, it is suggested to review all board packet materials at least 3 days before the scheduled meeting.

BCPM - Check roll of Board member’s preparation for meeting (Each Meeting)

Board members shall not keep pertinent information to themselves, they will share training and other information with the other Board members.

BCPM - Board member presentations will be documented in Board meeting minutes (Per Occurrence and at yearly Board Self-Evaluation)