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Garry Bartek


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Garry Bartek


         Conference  1:48 - 2:37

         Contact Number 254-647- 3216


       Good morning !   I am looking forward to learning and joining the

Ranger community.  My name is Garry Bartek, originally from central 

Texas, about 150 miles away. My move to Ranger was influenced by my 

child deciding to attend Tarleton State University.   After narrowing my

choices to a few schools….I decided my best fit was here in Ranger,

with a nice small rural setting, small class sizes, excellent community, 

Extremely helpful staff, and the administration.  I will be teaching high 

school mathematics including Alg 1, Alg 2 and Geometry along with 

help coaching UIL math areas.  My favorite activity may be helping 

sponsor the senior class.



        A person begins learning before birth and is continuously

imprinted by caregivers, society and everything he/she confronts. 

Everyone sees and views life differently, also learns by his or her own

way.  There is no one best way to teach a person, so a leader must

be motivational and use a variety of methods which include tactile,

auditory, visual, and sensory .  My goal is to keep everything efficient 

and simple (KISS) as we learn math as any other topic in life

-One Step at a Time.


Experience  - 25 Years

7 Years Junior High Math, Science,  and Social Studies

2 Years Juvenile Jail/ Prison

2 Years Mental Health/Disorders and State kids

14 Years High School Alg 1, Alg 2, Geo, and PreCal



Temple College  - Associates of Arts of Engineering

University of Mary Hardin Baylor - Bachelors of Science

Tarleton State University - Masters of Education



Alg 2    8:00 - 8:49

Alg 1    8:53 - 9:42  9:46 - 10:35 11:28 - 12:21

Geom  10:39 - 11:28    12:55 - 1:44

Lunch   12:21 - 12:51

Conference  1:48 - 2:37



Supply List

3 Ring Binder

        (Notes, assignments, returned papers..etc for 6 Weeks)



Box Kleenex 

Couple Dry Erase Markers


Class Procedures

     Turn phones off

         Sharpen pencils before and after the lesson, not during

         Sit down and be prepared

         Connell Notes/ AVID

     Problem or Activity of the day/bell work 

     Lesson, Notes, and/or Activity


     Guided Practice

     Closure/ Individual/ Group Work

     Turn in assignment



      Daily   50%

            Assignments  - 20 pts off 1 day late

            Quizzes, Problems,  Activities



     Test    50%

         40 %  At least 2 Tests per Six Weeks


         10 %  Folder Grade with All personal notes, Connell/Avid notes

                       and graded papers



       Be prepared for class daily including supplies and being early

       No hats !

       Phones are limited

       Respect everyone and their belongings (verbally and physically)

       Respect my belongings (including staying away from my desk area)

       Respect yourself (look, attire, mood)

       When borrowing something..Return it better than you found it

       No Profanity / Harassment / Bullying

       Follow all school rules and policies

       Time to talk, Time to listen..




       2nd Warning / step conference if possible

                 --no phone use for day 

       Office Referral --Parent Call/Coach Notification/ Student Conference

                  --extended no phone use

       Ranger ISD Guidelines


Phones are to be put away except :

         Teacher guides research using

         Copying notes with permission

         Copying assignment with permission

         End of class during assignment


   Phone Rules

          No volume - earpiece only ($1 )

          No profanity / watching music videos

          No Sharing

          If phone is taken up, will lose for extended time


Personal Likes

        Oceans and cruising

        Fishing and camping

        Avid sports fan

        Animals / agriculture

        Some landscaping 


        Personal space





Phone: 254-647- 3216

Email: gbartek@ranger.esc14.net